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Evacuation Threat

Updated: May 10, 2019

Oh darling girl !! you make my heart melt xoxo

Our day started out with a huge unknown. There were 27 bush fires around our area all night. Our area was on alert this morning. We were on watch due to high winds and huge pine trees all around us.

We chatted quickly over breakfast about it and tried to play down the risk for the kids. We talked about what you'd take if you had to evacuate. I said photos, hard drives, passports , birth certificates and insurance info...and cats, dog and bunnies. .... maybe if I had time, I'd grab a change of clothes each.. everything else is replaceable!

I decided I wouldn't be on the school helper list today but stay home to watch. Sweet Miss 11 went off to her room before school and told me she'd packed! I just thought to snoop to see what she holds dear and important to her xoxo sweet girl.

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