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Dads are great

Stopping to catch my breath!!! How can you have so much fun and get so dirty in just less than 24 hrs!? And how many loads of washing!!?

What was a challenge for me to agree to ...go bush/rough camping with Dad and kids, ended up being exhausting and lesson learning..... but fun and memory making.

Don't get me wrong.... I do go camping....but with usually with more that the clothes I was wearing and my jacket.

Phil goes basic or less than ideal. Kids all love the Dad's rules and time out. So this time...without camper van or prepared meals or enough provisions.... I had to let Phil do his thing.

I have to admit....I had to bite my tongue often and maybe once..or twice, unsuccessfully .

To go camping with 7 people...take no water other than few water bottles from the car, only basic utensils and eating aids like 3 forks, less spoons and thankfully paper plates I threw in....there is a longer list but not dwelling on all the lack of, got me thinking on all the abundance!

I needed to, early on in the evening, make a deliberate decision, pull on my big girl panties and physically shake off of all my gripes and hardships and embrace the moment and opportunity for memory making and fun! (Without mum being the fun police eg. Teeth washing or veggie consumption)

I needed to step back and let Phil take over and wear the pants!! I learned more than a few things about myself, most I'm not proud of but one thing I learnt for the kids is that by having Dad do his thing really encourages resilience in the kids (and myself) To have things a lot less than perfect is just fine and everyone will survive and end up thriving.

Step back micro manager and let life happen. Live a little!

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