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Part of our tribe

Health and Wellness Brand Ambassadors

As a busy wife and mother to 13 amazing humans, health is really important to me. Being part of an amazing community is almost as important!  I just love the tribe that I have found myself to be embraced into and part of. 

I never knew I was missing this and wasn't even looking for something else to do with my time. Heaven knows , I was busy enough with toddlers, pre-primary little ones and 8 kiddos still at home. 

But what I found, blew my mind.  Phenomenal products are one thing, but the community of inspiring people who lift me up and encourage me to be the very best version of myself daily, is the absolutle best!! 


Myself....Lisa Colback
aka Ninja Mumma

Brand Ambassador and partly crazy.

I have been a Mum for just so long....

Maybe you can relate??? Mum mode, sometimes it feels as though I have been living under a rock!

An amazing rock but a rock just the same.

I have been discovering a new side to me, different things to be involved with that inspire and challenge me.
A bit like coming out of a cocoon I guess :) 🐛🦋💕💞

❓Are you a bit like me and are looking for a challenge and to stretch yourself?

❓Has this past year just slipped away so fast and you haven't done those things that you wanted to do?

❓What is 2019 going to look like for you?

❓Do you need a new focus and challenge? :)

❓How about a side hustle and additional income 💲💲💲all while being inspired 💡 by like-minded, savvy women? 💁

Honestly ladies, it's time to crawl out from under that 'mumma rock' (as beautiful as it is!) and do something just for YOU!

❤️Challenge yourself
❤️Have some fun
❤️Be inspired
❤️Earn some extra money

phil and lisa.jpg

This is us

Parents that created this bunch

This is Phil and myself.  We have been married for over 35 years.  Life is tough and very rocky in places but we are still here and are truly grateful.

One of our goals is to try to squeeze in some fun adventure before dementia!!  We love to travel and to take the kids with us has been amazing and will be a lot of that to come, but once Phil retires, things will be looking very different.  

We have given our all to raising little humans into well adjusted and successful humans,,,,only time will tell if we are winning at this or not, but until then, we do the best we can and just keep going!!  The 8 adults we have got to adulthood are a pretty good representation of our awesomeness!  ...Thankfully it takes a village and we are so very thankful that it's not all been up to us! 

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